Our Mules

Jude, Dewy, Clancy and Maggie

Palm Springs Activities. Covered Wagon Adventures
Many visitors comment on their fondness for our team of mules. Their names are Jude, Dewy, Clancy and Maggie.
Mules like ours are how the pioneers from back east made their way west on Covered Wagons.  The Mule, much like the camel, is at home in a desert-like climate. Mules are regularly chosen as a working animal due to its great temperament, sturdiness and sure-footed abilities. They tend to be gentle and enjoy social interaction.  
 Although we don’t run in the summer heat, our mules are cared for all year and daily on tour. You will notice we rest them on tour as we have specific tour rest stops. They live only a few miles away in well cared for pens.  Our wranglers live on the ranch with them and care for them like a family member. We feed them the highest quality feed and enjoy socializing and exercising them daily. The mules enjoy their time in the desert canyons  and offering our guests an experience of a lifetime.