Our Mission

To offer our guests a one of a kind and unforgettable desert experience! Since 1987 Covered Wagons has been welcoming, touring and entertaining guests in the Palm Springs Desert . We are growing and adding to our staff to ensure that our attention to detail will be met on every tour! We strive to give our guests an authentic, natural experience and a serene desert venue. We have given our camp a new rustic upgrade but with the same genuine hospitality! We look forward to welcoming you on board our wagons and giving you an unforgettable, desert experience!

Covered Wagons Adventure Team

Meet some of the team that look forward to entertaining and educating you on our Covered Wagon Adventure!

Rick & Jona

Wagoner - Wagon Driver Naturalist Guide
Rick is a Wagoner from Canada. Wait until you see his roping skills! Jona is an expert naturalist guide. She will suprise and delight you on tour!


Lead Wagoner & Mule Wrangler


Lead Wagoner & Mule Wrangler

Sam Bearpaw

Native American Entertainer

John Malcolm Penn

American Folk Music Entertainer

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