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Our Mission

To offer our guests unique and unforgettable desert experiences! Since 1987 has been welcoming, touring and entertaining guests in the Palm Springs Desert. We are growing and adding to our staff to ensure that our attention to detail will be met on every tour! We strive to give our guests an authentic, natural experience in a serene desert venue. We have given our camp a new rustic upgrade but with the same genuine hospitality! We look forward to welcoming you on board our wagons and giving you an unforgettable, desert experience!

Jona and Shelly

Jona is an expert naturalist guide.
Shelly is a former local science teacher!
They will surprise and delight you on tour.

our guides

Lead Wagoneer & Mule Wrangler

Craig is a local, long time wagoner. He takes good care of our mules on the ranch and is a professional farrier and blacksmith.

Rick - Wagoneer

Rick is a Cowboy Wagoner. Wait until you see his roping skills!

covered wagon tours guide

Neil - Wagoneer

Neil is a local, long time wagoner and Covered Wagons founder! He specializes in blacksmithing. You should see his works of Art!


American Folk Music Entertainer

John is an accomplished recording artist and sings of the old west. He wrote our Covered Wagon Song – Listen below!

Sam Bearpaw

Accomplished Native American actor and cultural entertainer.

wagon tours camp host


Guest services and camp host. You might meet him right when you arrive!



Jude, Dewey, Clancy and Maggie

We love our Mules and they enjoy their time in the desert
canyons offering our guests an experience of a lifetime!

covered wagon tours mules

Many visitors comment on their fondness for the mules, the stars of our show! Mules like ours, are how the pioneers from back east made their way out west on Covered Wagons.  The Mule, much like the camel, is at home in a desert-like climate. Mules are regularly chosen as a working animal due to its great temperament, sturdiness, and sure-footed abilities. They tend to be gentle and enjoy social interaction.

Although we do not run in the summer heat, our mules are cared for all year and daily on tour. You will notice we rest them on tour as we have specific tour rest stops. They live only a few miles away and are well cared for.  Our wranglers live on the ranch with them and care for them like a family member. We feed them the highest quality feed and enjoy socializing and exercising them daily. The mules enjoy their time in the desert canyons and offering our guests an experience of a lifetime.




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