Covered Wagon Tours: Family Adventure In Palm Desert &Coachella Valley


Covered Wagon Tours

Covered Wagon Tours: Family Adventure In Palm Desert &Coachella Valley

A Cornerstone of Hospitality and Adventure Since 1987

        Covered Wagon Tours has made a name for itself as an essential experience in the Palm Springs location. Established in 1987, originally the focus was on special groups and event-centered tours but eventually evolved to include a schedule of everyday tours for independent tourists, nearby residents, and private organizations. Our Mission? To provide an authentic excursion experience, which includes a chuckwagon dinner, all in a charmingly rustic setting.

Exploring Palm Desert: Where Desert Beauty Meets Adventure

       Palm Desert is a charming blend of rustic beauty and cutting-edge modernity, with experiences for just about every visitor's interests. Join us to discover the unique beauty of the Palm Desert with Covered Wagon Tours, you'll see Palm Desert as you never have before, with a rustic tour in a covered wagon to soak in the sights and sounds of this dynamic desert landscape.

Experiencing the Vibrancy of Coachella Valley

     Just a stone's throw away from Palm Desert lies the colorful Coachella Valley, home to the world-famous Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Coachella Valley is extremely beautiful and is well known for its unique desert landscape, but it also draws visitors for its eclectic neighborhoods, delicious cuisine, and laid-back vibes. Whether you're dancing to live music at one of their local venues or exploring the streets for their unique and colorful street art, there's always something new and exciting to discover in Coachella Valley. Discover the best attractions in Palm Desert and the broader Coachella Valley, from stunning desert landscapes to vibrant cultural festivals.

The Unique Charm of Our Draft Mules

     One of the highlights of our excursions is our draft mules. These phenomenal creatures play an important role in our experience, and we treat them as part of our family.

A Tribute to History: Our mules are celebrated for their essential contribution to westward expansion, and offer a nostalgic connection to American history.

Well-Cared-For Companions: They reside a few miles from the Covered Wagons Ranch and are treated with first-class care, which includes amazing food, and exercise every day.

Mutually Enjoyable Rides: During the tour, our mules appreciate the adventure as much as our guests, and eagerly return each day for a new adventure.


Prioritizing Safety and Enjoyment

      We take the well-being of both our mules and guests significantly. We offer tours year-round but avoid the peak summer heat to ensure optimal weather for a more ideal experience.

Year-Round Tours: Operating at some stage in the year permits us to cater to various schedules, however we take unique care at some stage in hotter months.

Rest Stops: Regular relaxation stops are constructed into the excursion to permit our mules essential breaks, reflecting our respect for their limits as living beings.


Delivering Memorable and Responsible Tourism

     Our determination to offer exceptional reports is going hand-in-hand with our commitment to the care of our mules. At Covered Wagon Tours, we trust in offering responsible tourism that leaves an enduring impression on our visitors at the same time as keeping high standards for animal welfare.

Commitment to Excellence: Our purpose is always to provide outstanding experiences, combining fun and getting to know each other for a unique journey.

Responsible Practices: By prioritizing the comfort and care of our mules and ensuring secure and enjoyable tours for our guests, we set a high bar for responsible tourism in the Palm Springs location.



      Join us for a memorable journey through Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley. Whether you are a nearby resident or a visiting tourist, Covered Wagon Tours guarantees a revel in filled with ancient insights, delicious food, and the unparalleled charm of attraction of our liked draft mules.