Eco Tour In Palm Springs With Covered Wagon Tours


Covered Wagon Tours

Eco Tour In Palm Springs With Covered Wagon Tours

When you think of Palm Springs, you think of luxurious resorts and stars of Hollywood. But beneath the surface of swimming pools and celebrity sightings lies a vast and fascinating desert ecosystem – the Sonoran Desert. Covered Wagon Tours offers you a unique opportunity to explore this hidden gem, combining a little taste of Wild West adventure with an insightful eco-tour.

Imagine sitting in a comfortable open-air covered wagon pulled by gentle mules. As you leave the modern world behind, the Coachella Valley unfolds before you, revealing a landscape sculpted by wind, sun, and the legendary San Andreas Fault. Your knowledgeable naturalist guide becomes your window into the mysteries of the desert, transforming the ride into a captivating journey of discovery.


Traverse a Pristine Oasis Wilderness Preserve

Covered Wagon Tours takes you deep into a protected 32,000-hectare oasis wilderness reserve. This pristine oasis provides a haven for a surprising diversity of life. Learn about the sophisticated adaptations of desert plants like the prickly pear cactus and the hardy ocotillo, whose bright colors contrast beautifully with the rugged terrain. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive desert sheep, graceful coyotes or even a majestic golden eagle soaring overhead.


Unveiling the Desert's Secrets: Geology, History, and Ecology

Your knowledgeable guide will not only point out interesting flora and fauna. He will bring the entire ecosystem of the desert to life and explain the complex geological forces that have shaped this landscape. Experience first-hand the effects of the San Andreas Fault, a testament to the ever-changing nature of the earth. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region and learn about the Native American tribes that lived here for centuries and the brave pioneers who took the risk of starting a life in this rough environment.


Embrace the Western Spirit: A Glimpse into the Past

The covered wagon itself becomes a tangible link to the past. On your journey, you get a sense of the pioneering spirit, determination, and perseverance it took to cross this vast and unforgiving landscape. Imagine the pioneers crossing these same canyons and blazing a trail west. 


Optional Guided Nature Walk: Immerse Yourself inside the Desert

For those longing for a deeper connection with the desert, an optional guided nature walk is offered. Step out of the wagon and feel the soft sand beneath your feet as your guide introduces you to the unique flora and fauna of the desert. Learn to identify animal tracks, discover the hidden stories etched into the rocks and truly appreciate the delicate balance of this ecosystem. Discover the best tours and activities in palm springs for an unforgettable desert adventure.


Experience the Desert Magic at Dusk

As the day draws to a close, the desert puts on a spectacular show. Experience the breathtaking colors of a desert sunset that bathes the sky in a fascinating spectacle of orange, pink and purple. After returning to the ranch, a delicious BBQ dinner with all the trimmings awaits you. Live music provides the soundtrack to a real western experience. You can even try your hand at line dancing or roast marshmallows over a crackling campfire under the stars.



Covered Wagon Tours provide a completely unique and unforgettable way to revel in the magic of the Palm Springs deserts.  It's greater than only a trip; it is an academic journey that lets you understand the beauty and resilience of these exceptional surroundings. So, ditch the poolside lounging and embark on an adventure via time and nature with Covered Wagon Tours. You'll go back with a newfound recognition of the wasteland and reminiscences so as to last an entire life.